Ashley. Sixteen. Cisgendered. Female pronouns. Residing in England. Mezzo-soprano. Often misplaces glass slippers. Wannabe Disney Princess. Dan Howell dimple fan. Zoe Sugg giggle appreciator. Aspiring actress, dreaming of the West End or Broadway or any stage anywhere. Other interests include books, tea, television, YouTube and film.
Worships the ground Laura Osnes, Hermione Granger, Rachel Berry, Hazel Grace Lancaster, Zoe Sugg, Amy Santiago, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Audra McDonald, Karen Cartwright and the inmates of Litchfield Women's Penitentiary walk on. Attractive tenors and brunette leading ladies.
Look so pretty
gone so soon


If this doesn’t describe Dan at a party I don’t know what does.

you can be a mormon - a mormon who just believes!

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Happy Birthday Cosette


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Favourite musical numbers: What you own (Rent)
Dying in America
At the end of the millennium
We’re dying in America
To come into our own

@msleamichele Such a joy to be partnering with for a very important cause… Honored to be a part of this special day.


"She’s tiny but she’s powerful." - Chris Colfer